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“Crafting my New Crack”

“Crafting my New Crack“

Ganesha round my neck

No diamonds and royals wreck

All I think about is this new crack and what it is in fact

I’ve had no misfortunes just a torture of chosen emotions

I’m gonna leave this all behind but during this time it’s one hell of a grind trying to be blind to my old crimes and open my eyes to the eluded signs

Chimes and whistles are of my new thistle

Ima show this game what twerking is all about

Ya it’s all in the werking of corking what’s seen to be a scene but is really a catastrophe for what a role model should be

Hand over the keys please I’ll show these ladies how to fly high and not have to strip for every god dam guy

Please ladies just be a lady

She can be clean and flirty when her hearts beaten and runnin’ to a lovely love drug

I’ve been there I’ve done it all before

You know that morning after never felt so good

So wise up and let your cries out to a better route out

I’m not gonna sugar coat it this is what I use to be about

But I’ll tell ya real loud it’s not the easy route

When the parties all done whose gonna have your back Hun

Strum and sing into the shattered heart scene

It just doesn’t need to be baby girl

twirl your hair and show someone else that really cares

That’s the truth to my dare

Just be aware and stare into the overlooked way and set a new way of cruising astray and being brave and all the rest will crave your charismatic character like it’s a new chapter in 50 shades of no fucking way

Bow down to your new majesty, she brings the keys of the new beginnings

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Kiss, Kiss

Patterns and repetitions

Unorganized efforts

Dreams living and dyin

High, low, tough and weak, all in the same speech

Movement, constricted and nonchalant

Caring, selfishly

State it back, see if it makes sense

The Treaty of Peace

You fight for the dream, doomed

Tearing up like you just tore it up

Cold in the fire of heart, Majesty gets deep an loves outside the delinquent D

Dirty, Clean, she speaking what you always thinking

Admit it, you hypnotizing the words she saying

Two and three, wake up, look around and feel the ground

High roller gypsy now

You chose the path of the goddess

Chase the flashy lights in the eyes

Sparkle sparkle

Re write what the others told you to hide

The legend always say dreams come true, you never understood till now, you do.



So big, she paralyzed me, so untouchable, she murdered me, kept me alive then spit on me

She tugged me, warned me and wished the wicked upon me

She stopped eating to feed the soul speaking

Went against everything, even the family, went crazy to keep the craving’

Hid the truth, told the youth, fuck the system, pursue

Find the music in life that moves with you



Feel it. Live it. Laugh. Blossom. Luck. Look up.


Sparkle, Sparkle.

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“Presidential Peace Fingers”

“Presidential Peace Fingers”

Eyes gonna roll when I’m back at my potential

Let it be a new residential to my presidential peace fingers used as my true triggers to make myself feel bigger

Let me hear ya, have not a fear

Oh god is here and is wanting you to cheer up so give it up, clap the hands, honor your heart and kick start that crack that’s held in your passionate pack

Don’t take a look back

She just be telling you some smack that’ll leave you on a high jack of planes that are not in yo domain

Let me train ya

Follow the one and only criteria and you won’t be in any hysteria

Everyone be telling me …where you think you going, selfish son of a bitch, let me snitch on ya and tell everyone how she followed her dreams and it scared me

Pardon me Mr. Monopoly I just wanted to pass go and blow past all the filled shoes and start up my own cruise ship that is headed straight to the never ending road of fantasies of falcons of seas

Tease me please me do whatever you want with me because I’ve surrendered to the higher good there’s nowhere else to go… just here with the Lord in me, the power to create every place into a heaven on earth kind of case

Can you relate? or do you also judge every dam Judy and tell her to stop acting so prudy, and start getting a little more naughty…. cause that’s what I would do

Let me throw you an open throne

Ya brave enough to accept the love and fame

Let it all be a game

Let it all be a game

I’ll hang out and be the referee, blow my whistle when the charms and castles have filled your tissues and tattles and laugh back saying I told you so

This is, was, and always will be possible

Hold onto the belief

Is all but free and was made for you and me

Strangle it absorb it and you’ll be in orbit

No holding it

No gold in it

No owning it

Not many bold enough to roll with it

Meaningless mingle fueling your ego

Let it go!

No more holding back, just that dam mind in tact

Fuck off

All I hear is swag swag where is my dooooo rag, grab me my Gucci bag

Ima flag the servant we need to reinvent the crystal of this bliss for all

I get it I get it you can rap about paper but can you wear the cape of the man that really stands for the belief. God Gifted… Please

Maserati, Lamborghini it’s all just a cover up to me

Let me see into those magical eyes, I know that soul is dying to be flying

Bounce with me- jig with me- I ain’t gonna tell you who to be

Free, free is all I ever wanted for you and me

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There she was, standing, motion picture happening

Breathless, radiating

Mesmerized by the essence, I glanced

She looked at me, smiled, I just waited for her title

Ice came out her mouth, spelling MAJESTY

Bottle upon bottle, I drank, just watching

Unable to see the victory, nothing to say, but her picture I perceived as a godly scripture

Stoking down me, a discomfort and ease of the beauty held in space

Scared in vulnerability, I felt in serendipity

This love.

Bowing down to the Majesty

It’s you that I found in me

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“Confessions of a warrior princess”

“Confessions of a warrior Princess”

EPILOGUE // Script


Warrior talking to herself in a dim lit cabin, dripping sweat.



Head down, little tear came down

Both braids fell down

Warrior mark under her eyes

She bled glitter from her scars, the world fell hard

Across the world, people began to die

Although they had not heard



It’s worth a try, to come alive you know, but how do we really ever

Thy heart has been miss-lead, confused, but I am still just here, to be with you

I dream of you, I talk of you, I know my thoughts create the actions, that led me to you

I’ll never be sorry for coming back to you

It’s all made up…isn’t it, aren’t you?

Screw what I see, what they think, I love you

I have been miserable without you, and I will be completely torn when the physical meets the internal…

you know why?

Because that means it’s all true,

true, you are the power, in control and covered up by the skins tone

Don’t you know, don’t you get it

I was so scared, I didn’t even want to try, but you know what, no matter what happened I kept coming back

And you were so powerful, I just could never turn my back

(Instrumentals— The warrior is dancing around a fire, wild and alone)


Setting 2:

Blocked by a invisible wall, the warrior and narrator talk. Back and forth to one another, without hearing the other



Witness me, watching this, be a part of me, when I feel I need to hold me,

just forgive me for ever questioning thy journey.

Hold me close, love me forever, bless this warrior path.



When the crowds gather round’ me, when I lose everything, be here with me to remind me, this is the way that life has dealt me

Here we stand, hold my hand, join in the band, this giant family

We come together, in love, look up, up above.

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You believe in the days that seem nothing

The nature in what has no voice, the significance in what was never talked

There are dreamers and there are followers, there are dramas and there is peace

Things get deep and they also surface into qualities

A song is sung for you, listen

Seek out the difference between us, the connection lost when it came between us

Genius to leave the light, darkness is bright

Decisions of direct noise, opposition

That, feel good

That some

That thing

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“In the name of Swag”

“In the name of Swag”

Predict the intuitive essence

Individuality make up, tune of equality

Bottom line

Believe and you see, see

Clarity to what the world can be, dimensions that can’t be seen

The most powerful feeling is something that doesn’t know the word tangible- or- reality

Back, back, to magic baby


Stars and money, they go together for me

Swag swag swag is what’s changing, the clothes on your back will never amount to the Prada bags of human slaves in slaughter houses they call fashion for less. China. Trinket. Middle finger, called it. Think about it.

What’s simple aint easy.

All in the name of SWAG

Guilty, I get it, shoot the bullshit.

Moon, maniac, explain the emptiness in all the nonsense

Who does this really benefit? Stars, exploration, who knows the truth. US.

I thank awareness


I watch, I swerve and I serve

Brothers, sisters

Turn the music up, blast this… Bitch is what they say to us

I watch, I swerve and I serve


Outsider, always and forever, my world

Tell me what do you have for me… master.. HA HA.. please

I know exactly what I do, and I see how it affects you

Look up, look up.

Look to the god that speaks to you, Religion is but a jail we live in. Break free. Be the god you seek.

We the best, know why, cause we RISE

The impact you have on the earth is great, the steps you take will always be remembered.

Okay. Legend. You are meant to be great

Spark up the …puff puff cloud….. Rolling, cosmic-ly…

I watch, I swerve and I serve

The power.

Flowers have eyes, and that’s all I got for tonight


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“Swerve the Swindle”

“Swerve the Swindle”

A soul dyin to be heard

A chord, that strums, every moment I listen to the beat of your heart

The rhythm in your feet, makes me move to the tune of silence, silence

All the reasons to wish, all the reason to wonder

Imagine a world that evolves in peaceful matters

A world where Gandhi talks like the Beatles play

A place where I lick my lips and smile every day at the chaos. that makes us, US

A place where we begin thinking about WE, more than I

A place where home is the breath we breathe

Someday, one day, today

I will join in, belong to the dirt, and the air, and the fire, and the wind

This moment here, we gather with pure intention

All our love

All our light, heals the world

Through this vibration