MAJESTY is me, MAJESTY is you.

Many things have evolved for Gabi Viteri over the last few years, but what has undeniably stayed the same is her passion to inspire and live a life full of love.

After departing from a ten year professional career in snowboarding she traveled the globe, and in this encountered a gift into writing. Although writing seemed distant to who she was, it was just the inspiration to integrate her own unique language with new age spiritual wisdom.

“My writing has one pure intention. To touch the hearts of the world, and connect us all through avenues of literature. Inspirited with a stream of consciousness touch, I wish to allow you a feeling that curiously opens the gate, more and more to whatever it is you search for. Be it happiness, joy, love, humor, connection, purpose, empowerment, any and all emotions to allow you the space to evolve into your deepest richness.”

                                                             T h i s   p l a c e   h e r e ,   I   c a l l   …   M   A   J   E   S   T   Y  “




1. Characterized by reflection or deep thought

2. Thoughtfully abstracted: Meditative


With love,

“God <-Godliness-> Goddess

                         Make it a quality, not a noun”